Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Non-Napping House, A Lament

It is only October 2nd and it has already begun to feel like a long winter. It has been grey, and dreary, and so windy, and it Will Not Stop raining. I have literally begun to fear this winter in our dark little house.

Emilia keeps putting the cd for A Napping House on repeat in her room, and none of us could hear it for two days because her little brother would (will) not stop screaming at the top of his lungs. First it was because he wanted to listen to Mouse Cookie instead of anything else his sister chose. Then it was because he wanted Skippyjon Jones (Stinky Jones, as he calls him).  Then he just started screaming over everything and anything, as he has been known to do, from time to time...

For 6 miles in the jogger he screamed and bucked his little body all over the place.  First because he dropped a cracker, then because he wanted to go on a hike, then he didn't want his sippy cup of water, then because he wanted some watermelon (which was at home in the fridge), then because he didn't see enough garbage trucks, then because he wanted to go home.  And it is not easy pushing a jogger uphill in the wind (he had a cozy cover over the top) while a child tries to fling himself out onto the road the entire time, thanks.

But wait, there's more... Then he yells 'Mama, you shut your mouth!' while sitting in the shopping cart at PCC, because I would not let him have an entire package of cheese sticks or knock over the beer display.  And all day yesterday this is what I heard: 'I Not Want Be Nice Boy!' He really didn't need to tell me though, as I had gathered as much already.

Anyway, maybe it's the weather, or maybe it's the unpleasant screamer who just won't let up, but in the middle of the night last night, half asleep/half awake, I listened to the rain hit the side of the house and rush down the drain pipe, and I thought of that book, The Napping House.  And in my half-conscious state, I decided that I would spend the day in bed today doing just like the book does -- napping, because it is too rainy outside to do anything else.  My grand plan was to get up and make breakfast, brush every set of teeth, drive to school, and all other imperative activities, but that was it.  Then I would go back to bed and not do anything else at all -- period.  And I was planning to tell everyone I know to stuff it and not come back til next week.

But alas, foiled again.  I suppose I will grab my rain hat and try to find another set of earplugs.

But really?  Methinks it is time to MOVE OUTTA THIS DAMN HOUSE! (Ahem. Pardon that outburst.)