Friday, December 19, 2014

Acupuncture, a new favorite past time

Emilia and I had an impromptu mommy-daughter acupuncture appointment today.  She sat in the chair next to me, ate the lunch I had packed for her that morning, chatted with Ying, listened as I recounted the most recent chapters of All the Light We Cannot See (I've been giving her a blow-by-blow account of this fabulous book, and she is always asking me 'what happened next, mama?').

And then she is quiet, as I slip off into the stillness that is acupuncture for my few remaining minutes.  Afterward as I was getting dressed and looking at my phone, I saw about four hundred and six pictures that the girl surreptisously snapped as I laid there, likely smiling to herself all the while, because her mama was none the wiser.  So if you find this terribly shocking, blame the girl, not me.

(It would appear that it was early release from school today. Whoopsie. I had just dropped the four year old off and was dashing as quickly as I could to my appointment, when I got a call from my daughter's school. 'Umm, Tonya? Did you forget that it's early release today? She's just in the office waiting for you -- along with the few other kids who also have negligent, bad parents...' Well, not quite, but nearly anyway...)

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